Vanny V (Vulture Culture Rebel)

Did you ever hear of a vegetarian vulture? What about a vulture with a flying squirrel sidekick? How about a vulture hero who saves the day...many times? Probably never, unless you've already read this book. Enter the fascinating world of Vanny V, the vulture culture rebel who tirelessly works through the complex rules of his flock, dangers in the woodlands and interactions with curious humans who weave in and out of his young life. Vanny V is a fun and exciting journey through the animal world from a unique perspective where friendships come easy and soaring is attainable. A great book for kids to read with lessons of sharing and friendship and doing the right thing in difficult situations. Fun for kids to read or parents to read to their kids. - David Hampton

Tobie (A Toad Story)

Tobie is the story of a young toad who encounters an amazing friend that alters his young life forever. A tale of life and loss, love and sacrifice that tugs at your heartstrings and leaves you smiling through tears. Tobie's story also provides a unique opportunity to open a dialogue with your child regarding the often delicate subject of explaining the loss of someone special. I have loved toads all my life and consider them one of the most remarkable of God's many remarkable creatures, so this book was very easy to write. Fortunately, I married a wonderful woman who feels the same as I do about our wartful friends. When one of us encounters a toad in our yard or garden we still rush to share it with the other. I sincerely hope you enjoy Tobie. - David Hampton