(This screenplay was a quarter-finalist in the 2022 Film Freeway International Contest)
After fifty years of sharing everything with her beloved Frank, Emily Blackburn abruptly faces life as a widow. Never truly alone before, Emily's desperate longing to rejoin her departed husband drives suicide considerations. However, being a devout Catholic presents a unique conundrum that Emily strives to resolve with the assistance of a faithful friend and sidekick named Sadie. The elderly ladies, whose most anxious exploits to date involved bowling and bridge, now take on skydiving, cruising Bike Week at Daytona on a Harley Trike and an accidental run with the bulls at Pamplona.

The adventures designed by Emily to end it all somehow become more humorous than dangerous. After a lifetime of love in relative seclusion, Emily's newfound extreme behavior unleashes a lust for life and friendship she had never experienced before. But, is it too late?

(This screenplay is based on actual events)
Save the Buffalo transformed into a war cry, not for endangered bison, but for a meandering river in northern Arkansas. The Buffalo became the first nationally designated river in the United States in 1972 through many misrepresentations by The Ozark Society who were instrumental in getting the BNR (Buffalo National River) act passed. The legislation was not without controversy and heartbreak. Eva "Granny" Henderson was emblematic of the hundreds of land owners along the banks of the Buffalo whose ancestors had settled the area after the Civil War. They were harassed, intimidated and lied to in an effort by the National Park Service to take over their rightfully owned land.

Granny's abandoned cabin still stands in the wilderness where she and her husband hacked out a living, beginning in 1912, as what was known as "flint farmers" because of the rocky terrain they had to deal with. After her husband passed away in 1956, Granny continued farming her hardscrabble land alone for 26 years, and raised a handful of livestock by herself while residing in a remote cabin with no electricity or running water.

Soon after the Buffalo River was nationalized, the National Park Service enlisted Land Acquisition Officers to secure valuable properties along the waterway. The means and methods used were described by one local Arkansas official as reminiscent of hit-man tactics. Granny, who was featured in an issue of National Geographic before the takeover, was one on the most well-known victims of this federal incursion and her story resonates with people who have been negatively affected by agents of the American government, and over zealous environmental movements.

A rogue military faction assumes power in China and contrives a comprehensive cyber attack on the United States that includes shutting down America's power grids and disabling communications satellites. Into the ensuing chaos the Chinese plan to send the RIDER (Remote Initiated Direct Elimination Robot), a nanomachine that finds its way to the aggressive segment of the brain known as the Amygdala which activates the sympathetic nervous response known generally as the fight or flight phenomenon. 

Prior to the attack, China purchases the most influential pet food manufacturer in the U.S. (Animeals, Inc., San Diego, CA) and utilizes their marketing team to introduce a new line of dog foods that are laced with billions of the RIDER nanobots (there are approximately 75 million dogs in America's households, 63% saturation). China's plan is for the bots to lie dormant in the animals' brain until activated via satellite when they will cause all infected dogs to simultaneously attack and attempt to kill any accessible humans.

Scott Campbell, a Chinese-American veterinarian who was adopted as an infant, is Director of Marketing for Animeals. He must travel to China to coordinate the new dog food marketing campaign. He knows very little about his native country, but his brother Jason, a field operative for the CIA, is an expert. Scott is between bad relationships and falls for the woman who is the marketing rep for the parent Chinese company. Jason eventually uses his brother, and his new found love interest, to ferret out the RIDER project and turn the tables on the Chinese military junta.

A woman in Los Angeles is the victim of a bizarre murder. She is shot in the chest with an arrow while walking her dog in a residential neighborhood. There are no witnesses. The arrow used in the murder is determined to be a replica of a Native American weapon featuring an authentic arrowhead that dates back over five thousand years. Two months later a man in New Orleans is killed under similar circumstances and authorities are stymied. The FBI is pulled into the investigation, but agents can find nothing to connect the cases. Then, a third murder with an ancient arrow occurs in Oklahoma and the serial killings become national media fodder.

The killer is Gordon Angeni, an evangelist who speaks at revival meetings throughout the country. He is difficult to track because he travels by car and has no staff, booking engagements personally. The murders, there will eventually be five, stem from incidents that occurred years before at Buckholder orphanage outside Dallas where Gordon resided for a short time after his parents were killed in an auto accident. A gang of five older kids at Buckholder bullied Gordon mercilessly since he was small and emotionally fragile, and forced him to play a brutal version of cowboys and Indians. After a few weeks Gordon is adopted by the wealthy Angeni family who provide him a wonderful home on their ranch. Gordon's adopted father is of Comanche ancestry and he introduces his son to Native American history and artifacts, some of which suit Gordon's purpose well.

A coincidental reconnect with three members of the 'gang of five' years later provides the catalyst for the killings when they attempt to take the Angeni ranch via eminent domain legislation.

In 1965, Michael Fuller was the guy all the boys in Bolivar wanted to be. Handsome, affluent, chick magnet, scion of a beloved family and the best quarterback ever to play for the Liberator's football squad. After leading the team to a state championship in his senior year, Mike's father gifted him a new Pontiac Royal Bobcat GTO, a rare performance model that every car guy lusted after.

The car eventually became a mixed blessing and he lost it in a 'Pink Slip' drag race in Los Angeles while attending USC. This loss contributed to many others as his life took a downward spiral. A motivating discussion with his father, and a firm right foot up his butt, convinced Mike to turn his life around. Remaining in LA following college and law school, he became a highly successful corporate attorney and sought after escort by female celebrities, but still embraced a deep inner void that prevented true happiness.

Finally realizing the happiest moments in his life were when he was in high school, he engages in a quest to reacquire a classic GTO, which leads back home to the girl he left behind and to the car which started it all.

(This screenplay is a quarter-finalist in the 2023 Inktip "Pitch to Page Screenwriting Contest)

USC Computer Science whiz Shawn Nichols' favorite pastime is hacking, but his forays into government databases eventually lead to a prison stint at Lompoc where he is forced to work in an auto maintenance garage. This unfamiliar experience becomes the catalyst for an App he later develops that can manipulate certain automobile functions via on-board CPU's. Scrounging for bucks while on parole, Shawn helps his car salesman buddy Robbie Filmer remotely disable the vehicles of customers who are car shopping, forcing them to make premature buying decisions.

Robbie's father, owner of several car dealerships in Los Angeles, is visited by representatives of a Chinese Automaker attempting to develop a distribution network in America. Robbie is secretly observed utilizing the car hacking App by the Chinese who eventually coerce him and Shawn into developing a scheme to force maintenance recalls by Japanese automakers.

Operating from the Chinese Consulate in L.A. to avoid detection by the Feds, Shawn's project catches the attention of a visiting Chinese Army Colonel Zhou Dong who envisions military applications for the system. When Shawn refuses to provide necessary encryption data to unlock the software, Zhou enlists an assassin to take out Robbie and kidnap Shawn's girlfriend Emma. Shawn's only out is to engage the assistance of the very Feds who put him away and formulate a strategy to rescue Emma while keeping his invention from the Chinese military.

Synopsis for Jericho Abbey (Pilot Teleplay) Washington DC police captain Kyle Mead's pregnant wife is violently attacked and murdered by two gang bangers. The perps are arrested and tried for the crime, but later released from custody on a technicality. With the assistance of friend and coworker lieutenant Rafer Robbins, Kyle plans and sets into motion a series of events that lead to the killing of his wife's murderers by other thugs.

Synopsis for Series Motivated by the success in revenging his wife's death, Kyle Mead resigns from the police force and recruits a group of professionals dedicated to securing punishment for violent criminals who fall through legal loopholes. Aided by wealthy financier William Stonewell whose daughter was murdered by criminals that escaped justice, Kyle's group headquarters in a remote former monastery known as Jericho Abbey. The group develops unique and surreptitious methods to mete out justice to offenders within the framework of the law, but outside the system. Their key factor in developing a revenge scenario, is for criminals to receive punishment at the hands of other violent lawbreakers. Weekly episodes detail the unique manner in which the group plan their actions and manipulate the characters to meet desired ends.